I’m passionate about creative technology and how digital workspaces can transform workflow and media management for creative operations — and I love to talk about it.

My presentations are informative and engaging, and are well received and highly rated by audiences. If you’d like me to speak at your seminar or conference, get in touch through the contact form below.


Henry Stewart DAM Conference (Los Angeles, CA) Nov. 14 & 15, 2017

“How to Succeed Fast”
I presented actionable ideas to simplify processes, discover roadblocks, boost morale, and solve gnarly problems, based on my personal experiences and lessons learned from my peers. The goal was to inspire listeners to find creative solutions to assert leadership, make a visible difference, build trust, and create momentum and enthusiasm for longer-term objectives.

Creative Operations Exchange (New York, NY) September, 2017

“Creative Ops and the Tech Stack”
I talked about a Tech Stack Canvas conceptual model I developed to help assess a potential tech supplier's core competencies and relevance to a creative team's needs. The visualization uses four quadrants to help decision-making and build a business case for a Creative Ops digital toolkit.
I also participated in an executive roundtable with fellow industry veterans Dickson BuenoCarrie Roberts, and Thom Caughlin (led by Workfront’s Gary Clinger) discussing the state of the Creative Operations role and its emerging importance within creative organizations.

“Kevin and I have collaborated on several creative operations events, where he has been an invaluable addition. He is able to effectively communicate his expertise and deliver insightful observations, all while engaging audiences with his sharp wit and humor. His dedication to his craft and willingness to openly contribute his knowledge have positioned him as a thought leader in this burgeoning community.”

SEAN O’MEARA, Content Director at Insight Exchange Network

Creative Operations Exchange (San Francisco, CA) April 2017

“The Role of Creative Operations — Today… and Tomorrow”
Participated in an executive roundtable with fellow industry veterans to discuss the state of the Creative Operations role and its emerging importance within creative organizations.
This is a special topic for me — I’m in such a role myself at AT&T’s Digital Marketing Group.

Henry Stewart DAM Conference (Los Angeles, CA) November 2016

“What’s Your DAM Worth?”
I participated in a panel discussion about defining and using metrics to measure the value of Digital Asset Management — with Graham Allan of Cognizant, Kyle Hufford of Monster Energy and Dave Liu of OnPrem Solution Partners.

Henry Stewart DAM Conference (New York, NY) May 2016

“The Killer App… is Killer Ops!”
Presentation focused on optimizing the three dimensions of teams, digital tools, and business considerations for creative operations success. Discussed ways to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for process improvement, develop a tech model to map the capabilities of potential vendors against their demonstrated needs, and identify opportunities for greater effectiveness within the organization.

Henry Stewart DAM Conference (Los Angeles, CA) November 2015

“Digital Workspaces for Creative Ops”
Presented Comedy Central’s business requirements, strategies, and goals and that led to in-house development of a digital creative workforce solution. Discussed the competitive landscape and the reasons we decided to build, not buy, our solution. System improved brand consistency, achieve cost savings and efficiencies, and helped unify three separate creative teams into a single collaborative group.
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“Kevin has spoken at several technology events that I’ve helped to organize. He is very knowledgeable in his subject areas, can deliver a clear vision, produces highly creative visuals and importantly is extremely enthusiastic, up-beat and has no trouble engaging audiences.”

DAN LUPER, Event Sponsorship Director at Henry Stewart

Henry Stewart DAM Conference (New York, NY) 2015

“How Comedy Central Did It”
Presented a behind-the-scenes look at Comedy Central’s successful in-house development of a creative digital workspace, how the finished product meets the brand’s unique needs, and how it stood up in comparison to third-party solutions. My goal was to inspire attendees to examine their own work environment for ways to make a difference – to think big, and to think outside the box.
My presentation was rated by attendees as one of the top-3 best sessions.

Henry Stewart DAM Conference (New York, NY) 2014

“Developing for the Enterprise using Open Source”
Presented the concepts and development process of Comedy Central’s digital workspace. Discussed its cloud-based and open source foundation, and demonstrated unique features that improved workflow efficiency, teamwork, and collaboration, and helped brand consistency.

Rich Media Hoarders Seminar (New York, NY) 2013

“Digital Asset Management: A Case Study"
Presented an in-depth look at Comedy Central’s digital asset management initiative, for “Media Hoarders” seminar. Focused on how our customization of Extensis Portfolio enabled 50,000 brand assets to be shared across the enterprise via firewall-protected portal.


DAM Champions – (Oct. 2017)

I had a chance to share my thoughts on digital asset management, digital workflows, and creative operations technology with the great folks at Widen. Digital Asset Management is where it all began for me. I implemented my first DAM system more than 10 years ago, in my early days at Comedy Central. That experience sowed the seeds of my interest in technology that enables creative teams to thrive — especially tools that help production and creative workflows.
Full Interview

AnotherDAMPodcast by Henrik de Gyor (Feb. 2015)

In an interview format, I talk about why Comedy Central utilizes both an off-the-shelf digital asset management system and a pioneering house-built content management system. Each system provides distinct value which supports and improves the network’s creative operations in unique and specific ways. de Gyor’s general interest is in DAM deployments in various industries. I focused on Comedy Central’s bespoke system, which I believe is at the frontier of content management and shows a way forward for the industry.
Podcast • Transcript

DAM software limits encourage à la carte solutions (May 2015)

Story in TechTarget about digital asset management and how enterprises prefer big all-purpose solutions, but frequently find their needs are better met with a suite of smaller more targeted tools. My opinion is a hybrid: Off-the-shelf systems are general-purpose by design, which limits their ability to be customized to unique situations. But, companies can get a great unified system that meets their top requirements if they build it.
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Journal of Digital Media Management (Sept. 2014)

Authored a white paper for the digital asset management industry’s leading professional journal, describing the in-house development process, business considerations and implementation of a digital workspace that managed review and approval for Comedy Central’s creative output.
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