May 7, 2016 -

Killer Ops: How to Make a Plan

Series - Make a Plan

by Kevin Gepford

What This Is: A results-oriented series of steps to flesh out an idea and carry it to the finish line.

Why It’s Important: Winging it is not a business plan.

Let’s take a look at each step from a Product Management perspective, and apply it to Creative Ops.

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April 30, 2016 -

Killer Ops: First Steps of Discovery

Series - First Steps

by Kevin Gepford

What This Is: Put on the thinking cap and come up with broad ideas about how to improve Creative Operations.

Why It’s Important: Without a plan, we won’t know where we’re going.

The opening act for Product Managers is The Big Idea — to conceive… to dream, to imagine, and to form a plan.

It’s also the first step for Creative Operations managers who embrace the challenge to improve the productivity of their creative staff through better tools, systems, and methods.

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April 25, 2016 -

Killer Ops: What Can We Learn from Product Management?

Series - Creative Ops Can Learn from Product Management

(This Article is First in a Series)

by Kevin Gepford

As a Creative Operations leader you see your team struggling on a daily basis to get the work done, in an environment that sorely needs a makeover.

The creative workplace is largely reactive — lurching from crises to crisis, shooting at everything in sight, rushing to meet deadlines, and driven by creative visionaries with their mercurial ways.

We need to make some changes in our approach. As the Grail Knight said to Indiana Jones in “The Last Crusade”: It’s important to choose wisely.

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March 31, 2016 -

How to drive creative work forward and build a 3.0 version of your creative ops ninja team

DAM NY 2016

by Kevin Gepford

In just a few weeks, the 2016 Henry Stewart DAM NY Conference will feature an all-new Creative Operations track. I’m thrilled to return as a speaker.

For the last two years at the conference, I’ve talked about Comedy Central’s digital content hub at — first as a case study focusing on the benefits our system offered to our creative team. Last fall, at the Los Angeles conference, I dove a little deeper into our strategy and development process, and the business benefits of the in-house product development of our solution to address several core creative operations needs.

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February 12, 2016 -

The Evolution of Comedy Central’s Creative Content Hub

CC Share - Evolution

by Kevin Gepford

This is a tale of two departments that tore Comedy Central’s digital creative content hub in half.

I jest! We’re comedy natives — no drama for us!

A core goal of CC Share (the name of our content hub), was that it should serve the needs of two separate business units that each needed a way to manage multimedia content. We started out thinking we could solve everything with a unified code base. But when that strategy hit a wall, we pivoted to a multi-tenant platform that gave us more flexibility to create a focused and unique interface for each group.

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February 3, 2016 -

Comedy Central Dumps its Obsolete Optical Media Archive

CC Dumps Optical Media

by Kevin Gepford

Comedy Central migrated its entire Brand Creative archive to a modern system, and tossed 18 years worth of optical media into the dumpster.

Here’s how.

We had amassed 800+ CD’s and DVD’s in a comprehensive archive of all source files — for every single print project generated by the Brand Creative group since the team… well, pretty much since the team’s very beginnings.

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January 22, 2016 -

Dragon Wranglers of Creative Ops

Dragon Wranglers

by Kevin Gepford

The New York City MTA recently rolled out an innovative awareness campaign involving thousands of subway posters to enlighten straphangers on how to comport themselves when riding public transportation. Oh, it’s also posted in five languages, just to make sure the message gets through.

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December 8, 2015 -

Creative Ops: The Problem With Task Management

Task Management

by Kevin Gepford

Within the last year Comedy Central augmented its digital workspace with two new third-party systems, one for task management system and a sister system for project management. This filled a real need; our workflow tool already let users leave notes and comments about the media, and it retained the chain of conversation around a project or asset. But it just wasn’t enough.

So here we go again — creating two more silos of information and communication. Clearly, this went against my conviction that an integration solution should be our first resort. But, a void was filled… however poorly.

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December 3, 2015 -

Creative Ops: The Sweet Spot for a Digital Hub

Sweet Spot

by Kevin Gepford

When it comes to workflow solutions, my presentations at Henry Stewart have espoused a decidedly contrarian point of view, based on my experience and a sound business case at Comedy Central.

Our creative review and approval system is built in house using Ruby on Rails, hosted by Amazon Web Services. We chose not to outsource the creativity that is so vital to our process.

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December 3, 2015 -

Creative Ops: Digital Workspaces Can Get the Last 20%

20 percent

by Kevin Gepford

It’s a big confusing world out there, with solutions offered for every possible workflow challenge. That’s why conferences like the Henry Stewart one I recently attended are so important.

Operations professionals go to find answers and to learn from case studies like mine from Comedy Central to see how other enterprises are dealing with workflow issues. (Read my other blog post about how I helped Comedy Central find its Sweet Spot.)

Attendees are trying to understand the problem space, trying to find the right answers, and hoping to meet very smart and dedicated solution providers and vendors.

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October 28, 2015 -

Henry Stewart Knocks Again for DAM LA 2015

DAM LA 2015

by Kevin Gepford

My next public speaking engagement is just around the corner, and I can’t wait to share some of my new thoughts about building digital workspaces for creative teams.

I’ll be at the Henry Stewart DAM Conference, in Los Angeles,  Nov. 12-13, 2015.

This will be my third appearance at this conference series. Previously, I’ve spoken at the east coast event, held every May in New York.

Much of my new thinking has emerged from the Product Management intensive course I recently completed at General Assembly. This curriculum covered the entire scope of product development from concept, user surveys, wireframing, testing ideas, MVP’s, business canvases, working with developers, competitive landscape, scrum and a host of other great concepts. As a Product Manager, the entire arc of development through implementation is on your shoulders.

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October 25, 2015 -

General Assembly: A Personal Review

General Assembly

by Kevin Gepford

I’m fresh off the General Assembly boat, and couldn’t feel happier about my experience.

GA offers a great array of fresh, focused career-building courses on web development (front- and back-end), user experience (UX) design, as well as iOS development, data analytics and digital marketing.

What class did I take, why did I do this, and what did I learn?

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