Digital workspaces that help creative teams visually manage their output — while fostering teamwork and improving efficiency — is the primary interest and purpose of A BETTER WORKFLOW.

Why is this work important? Aren’t there already existing tools for managing digital assets, tasks, projects, and collaboration?

Yes, this field does have a number of players on it. But it’s also a field of systems designed for a mass audience. In addressing the needs of a broad market, these players miss the focus, refinement, and integration needed by many creative organizations today.

A new approach is needed.


Creative organizations today have a renewed imperative to develop brands and marketing campaigns that speak across all media with a single, coordinated message. There are more channels than ever before for these organizations to reach their customers. It also takes more work to pull it off. Marketing campaigns involve many creative teams — often working in remote offices — producing a diverse range of media. The scope of creative and marketing activities can be overwhelming, and coordinating all this work can consume a daunting amount of effort and resources.

The stakes are high: There’s a significant risk of message fragmentation. Creative organizations urgently need better tools to help them achieve that holy grail of marketing — campaign and brand consistency.

But a couple of things stand in the way.

One big barrier is the legacy team structures and mental frameworks that often divide the work according to types of outputs — motion graphics vs. web design vs. social media vs. print. These specialists frequently labor in autonomous and segmented silos for structural or legacy reasons — hindering cross-team collaboration and meaningful dialog.

A second barrier is the tools that creative teams use to manage their output. In many organizations, the media management toolset is chosen by the business or IT team, without a real understanding of the creative workflows and needs. For other organizations, the tools have been cobbled together over time, resulting in a handful of media management systems which each serve one or two specific needs and have no relationship to each other. Gradually, operational inefficiencies become entrenched, and workflows bend around these awkward and inappropriate systems. 

Users are no longer happy hopping in and out of a half-dozen disconnected tools that force them to work in ways that don’t match how the work actually gets done.

Creative organizations need a digital workspace that enables them — in one central place — to organize and keep track of all campaign elements. They need a platform to accomplish essential tasks like presenting their creative ideas for review and approval, sharing, and communicating… and which has been strategically designed to be in harmony with their needs, unique culture, and specific workflows.

There is no reason to settle for generic systems that are awkward, overfeatured, and mismatched with their usage patterns.

The promise of a well planned and implemented digital workspace is that it can foster brand consistency, make the team more effective, and the business more profitable.

This is where A BETTER WORKFLOW comes in.