A BETTER WORKFLOW focuses on the work of building digital workspaces that help creative organizations manage their media development process.

It starts with a bottom-up exploration of what’s unique about an organization, its structures, people, culture, and processes.

With this knowledge in hand, a rational platform can be created to serve as a central hub for the whole operation — optimizing workflows, eliminating bottlenecks, and improving collaboration. This is the opposite of deploying a market-ready system that’s designed to meet broad market needs but which ends up being a poor fit for any organization that doesn’t fit their assumptions.


The first step is research, and lots of it. The time taken upfront to understand the unique needs of an organization optimizes the chance of success. It’s the cornerstone upon which everything else rests.

The platform’s design and architecture must be based on a core understanding of the environment, the people, and the way things get done. Otherwise it’s just guessing to attempt design or plan a solution. 

Research starts with interviewing staff, managers, and users on the sidelines to find out their workflows, frustrations, and goals. I ask questions, and listen. I talk to project managers. I talk to creative directors. I talk to designers and animators. I talk to marketing teams. I talk to all the stakeholders to examine every aspect of the group’s needs.

Research is the cornerstone upon which everything rests.

This work is all in service of developing a complete and coherent system that benefits as many parts of the creative organization as possible. 

Once the research is complete, the hard work is over… and it’s time to start with the even harder work: thinking about what to do, and how to do it. That’s when workflow mapping, wireframing, designing and building the system come into play. In other words, the full arc of product development.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Figure out what the problem is
  • Come up with ideas to solve it
  • Pick the best solution
  • Design and build it
  • Improve as needed

Technology can’t accomplish this alone. But it’s an essential component and can set the stage for success. 

The outcome is an effective digital workspace built from the ground up to optimize the organization’s unique workflow and improve its creative outputs.