Who Benefits:
Project Managers

Maintain control with less effort, get critical information instantly,  and track progress and approvals of everything in one central place. Communicating with your team has never been easier.

Get Information Without Having to Track People Down
  • View status of work in progress instantly, and send reminders to designers or approvers without having to leave the system
  • Get broad overview of Campaigns and Projects with instant slideshows
  • Audit files without needing help from a graphics specialist More Organized With Less Effort
  • Campaigns and Projects help keep the work organized as it organically grows and evolves, but are flexible and can be tweaked any time
  • Projects and files can be created and uploaded by designers
  • Route anything — if it’s a digital file, this system can handle it… great for web banner ads, video and OOH/print ads
  • Send messages instantly to any member of the team, or to the entire team
  • Eliminates email chains by keeping track of versions and comments
  • Comments create a clear and trackable record of feedback on each element
Getting Approvals
  • Fully control who has approval responsibility, including setting up delegate approvers 
  • Request approvals directly from within the system — don’t need to go to Outlook. Subject lines and linkbacks are automatically generated
  • Approval status is instantly visible
  • Track approvals version-by-version
  • Use lightboxes to quickly share a specific set of creative for review and approval
Who Benefits:
Designers, Animators & Developers

In one central place you can upload and view your own work and also see what everyone else is doing. The system gives you amazingly useful tools for sharing your work and getting written feedback. With fewer interruptions.

Spend More Time Designing and Less Time Managing Up
  • Create new projects and upload your work independently
  • Upload virtually any type of graphics file format
  • Revise and share versions of a single creative quickly, and compare and review your progress via an instant slideshow
  • Work remotely… while remaining an active and informed member of the team
  • Send messages instantly to any member of the team without going to Outlook
Useful Things
  • Send files — no need for third-party service such as HighTail (up to 4GB)
  • Share a link with your manager for approval quickly and easily
  • Leave notes and view notes left by others — creates a clear and linear record of feedback from Creative Director and Marketing
Other Benefits
  • Instantly understand the context and “bigger picture” of any campaign by viewing what other teams and designers are working on, wherever in the world they happen to be
Who Benefits:
Creative Directors

View in one place the entire range of creative output by multiple teams, and give your feedback quickly and easily. Sharing the work with Marketing and other non-creative approvers is as easy as a couple of mouseclicks.

Managing Down Is Easier
  • Get broad overview of Campaigns and Projects via instant slideshows
  • Audit creative work, instantly and easily, for consistency and effectiveness
  • Monitor the development of any creative element as new versions are updated, and do so from anywhere in the world
  • See approval status at all times
  • Instantly know everyone who has worked on Campaign
  • Leave feedback in a clear and trackable format
  • Send messages to any member of the campaign, or to the whole team, without going to Outlook or having to remember their email address(es)
Managing Up & Out Is Also Easier
  • Organize and share your work for internal review and approval through lightbox collections, or use lightboxes to send out your best work when recruiting outside designers and agencies
  • Give your partners (i.e. Marketing or Legal) access to only current version of assets, so they can browse progress but not second-guess every design decision
  • Share specific sets of things with your manager (or a partner such as Standards & Practices), so he/she doesn’t have to go on a hunting expedition
Best of All
  • Cross-team collaboration is streamlined and encouraged by virtue of the site design, and it will become more natural for your teams to play well together
Who Benefits:
Marketing Team

Easily view progress on every element of your marketing campaigns and give feedback and approval. You can work remotely and on mobile devices.

Always Know Where You Stand
  • Get broad overview of Campaigns and Projects with instant slideshows
  • View status of Campaign, Project or single element at any time
  • Review and approval can happen anywhere in the world and does not depend on access to local servers
  • Leave comments in a clear and trackable format, and automatically send comments via email to the team members that you can choose, without needing to go to Outlook or remember any email addresses
Other Benefits
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Lightboxes painlessly enable comprehensive end-of-campaign reviews
Who Benefits:
Awards Submissions

When awards time comes around, Campaigns and their many elements are easily searchable, viewable, and can be collected for submission.

Everything Is Just Easier
  • View archived and current campaigns as slideshows for an instant audit
  • View all web ads, print work and promos within a campaign, quickly and easily
  • Search through the archive of finished work
  • Organize and arrange your lightbox collections any way you want
  • If needed for submission, original files are retained by the system and can be downloaded with a couple of clicks 
  • Send out links to let recipients view or download files