A BETTER WORKFLOW develops web-based applications that help creative organizations manage their media creation process and maximize teamwork. We solve the workflow challenges of getting the work developed, routed and approved.

Our systems are based on a core understanding of how our clients function. Each solution is built from the ground up, to optimize the unique workflow of a specific client. It’s not a cookie-cutter or generic approach. We craft each project individually because this is what we believe works best. After all, no two companies are alike.

We examine existing workflows, study the day-to-day processes and deliverables, explore the relationships between teams and divisions, and analyze repetitive tasks and bottlenecks. We look for ways to help individuals and teams work more closely together, and streamline common tasks. Only then do we develop a strategy and implement the solution.

Systems that we develop can replace or reduce email chains and job jackets, cut down the numbers of printouts, and keep a permanent digital record of projects and media as they move through the development, routing and approval process. We give team members the communication and sharing tools they need to do their jobs, and provide managers the ability to track the work, all in one place.

Key Features:

Everything is organized and searchable.

Online and cloud-based, with unlimited storage.

Centralized updates, approvals, and notes and comments.

Trackable workflow.

Takes any kind of digital media: video, flash, audio and static assets.

Lightboxes for presentations and sharing.

Built-in communication tools to send email & large files.

What’s Great:

Specifically designed to optimize existing and unique workflows.

Users can see all recent work at a glance.

Creates collaboration even among dispersed work groups.

Streamlines and simplifies management of projects and users.

Essential tools are in one place. Not cluttered with features you don’t use.

Reduces repetitive tasks.

… and, users love it.

Who Can Benefit:

Creative Departments

Marketing Teams

Ad Agencies

Digital Developers


Video Editors

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